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Pilot Logistics is a professional exhibition logistics service provider, the company focused on providing point to point, door to door full one-stop duty-free import and export exhibition logistics program. With the vigorous development of domestic and international exhibition industry, China's major cities have become the center of China's exhibition industry.

      Pilot Logistics has a sound international and domestic operating network, professional operation team, professional exhibition packaging, exhibition operations, exhibition, large exhibits loading and unloading capacity and ability. We provide our customers with one-stop logistics solutions from the door to the booth, which includes the transportation (rail, road, air and sea) of the exhibition logistics project, the on-site operation, the exhibition service, the loading and unloading of the exhibits and the dismantling And other aspects of the company for advertising, exhibition, art, theatrical performances and other professional customers, personalized market demand, to provide the national tour transport services, origin to the exhibition of reverse logistics and transport services, chartered delivery services, such as exhibition logistics services The

At present, we provide the tour, tour, art exhibition links and precautions:

1, ATA certificate agent application, margin write-off

2, exhibits import and export customs clearance services

3, exhibits full transport services

4, exhibits domestic and international warehousing services

5, exhibition exhibition, dismantling and return

6, according to the characteristics of the design of packaging products, special exhibits packaging and reinforcement programs, the program should be easy loading and unloading, transportation, exhibition, to ensure that each exhibits in the transport process of security;

7, check the list before packing, check whether the single goods match;

8, check the situation of the box, whether there is damage, whether the package meets the transport requirements;

9, exhibits loading, the record loading situation, drawing loading chart;

10, pre-delivery booking exhibitors, to understand the situation of goods, site conditions, in advance to prepare for the machine, manpower, permits and a series of preparatory work.
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