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    As a major form of domestic works of art, we can provide armed escorts, security escorts, escort assistance escort, constant temperature and humidity escort and air cushion shock truck escort services, through the efficient integration of resources for the logistics of art, Customers provide timely, fast, flexible and convenient Qiyun service at the same time, to ensure that art in every aspect of the best protection in the state.

Our strengths are as follows:

1, special vehicles

We use a special vehicle transport works of art, green car direct transport, to avoid the transit of goods in transit and damage to items.

2, reasonable loading

Our field operators have a wealth of experience, according to the actual situation of the goods, arrange a reasonable loading plan, do a good job of stabilizing the work to reduce the transport of goods in the process of bumps and shaking.

3, risk prevention

Car transport, we will help you do a good job of rain, water, moisture, shock prevention measures to ensure the safe arrival of works of art.

4, vehicle monitoring

All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS, can be GPS satellite positioning, driver phone positioning, you can keep track of your goods.

5, advanced customization services

At the customer's request, we can have equipped with constant temperature and humidity control equipment, with shock absorption of the vehicle transport, while armed arrangements escort.
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