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[know big coffee] WIFFA Xiamen port branch will hold the member Salon

2017/8/22      view:

In August 18th 2 pm, WIFFA Xiamen port branch of a new and old member salon in Xiamen Wanhe Angel school, port Zhuang Jincan, director Sun Jingxiong, President Feng Cili, and a member of the general manager, business elite 32 to participate in this event.

WIFFA Xiamen port in July ushered in the accession of three new members. Under the leadership of the president and the port Committee, the team at WIFFA Xiamen port is growing.

General manager of Xiamen Jing Yi Technology Co., Ltd. Zheng Zhipeng

Xiamen Huashun international air freight forwarders limited liability company
Managing director Pan Jinli

Deputy general manager of Xiamen Yongfang state Ke Xihong Logistics Co.

Ten thousand Angel school founder Chen Minghu

Minsheng Bank Xiamen Branch Account Manager Dong Yangcheng

Meeting you mister, business elite of enterprise introduction, and invited the Wanhe Angel school, Jing Yi technology, Minsheng Bank Xiamen branch of the three guests for WIFFA members share the angel investment, Jing Yi software, real easy loan three themes. Finally, by the Secretariat to members of the "2017WIFFA" "two sessions" notice, so that members of the WIFFA clearly understand the latest developments.
The event ended successfully. Thank you for your support to this event. We will continue to do similar activities and provide better service to all of you.
Hope that through this meeting, strengthen interaction and communication between members, I wish WIFFA Xiamen port is getting better and better.

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